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Bass Fishing with a Simple Walmart Bass Fishing Rod, Reel and Tackle Setup

Bearded Outdoors USA

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Need a quick and easy bass rod and reel setup? So did I! While out of town in Moultrie, Georgia for business, I forgot my bass rod and tackle at home, so I ran to the local Walmart and bought just what I needed for a great price. Walk with me as I pick out which bass fishing rod I prefer and why, than the lures I think would work best for bass while here in Moultrie, Georgia. After purchasing my bass fishing rod and bass tackle from Walmart for a great price, I head on over to a local pond near the hotel I am staying at in Moultrie, Georgia. I than set up my new Lew's Speed Stick rod by attaching the Abu Garcia reel I bought to it. Then I string my Spiderwire braided fishing line through my new pole and attach some 20 pound mono to the end. After that I tie a size 3/0 Mustad offset hook to my line, put on split slide weights, and I am ready for the lure! I bought two different types of rubber worms. Purple Powerbaits and Watermelon Yum Dingers. I am ready to catch some bass! On Day 1, I used the Watermelon worms and caught three gorgeous Georgia Bass! On Day 2 I tried to switch up to the purple and didn't get a single hit. Switched back to the Watermelon worms and caught a bass almost instantly! ••• Bearded Outdoors USA WEBSITE • ••• The Bearded Outdoors PODCAST •

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