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Striped bass fishing and a visit to the Mitis Distillery in Gaspésie

Aventure Chasse Pêche

Carbon Score: 7.5

Striped bass fishing and a visit to the Mitis Distillery in Gaspésie Martin, Kate and Lukas went fishing in the waters of the Gaspé Peninsula, a region located on the east coast of Canada. They were looking for a very popular fish: the striped bass. Their goal was to fish striped bass, an area known for its abundance. With the help of Baie-des-Chaleurs Sportfishing, they ventured out to sea with Benoît and Eugène. All the equipment was provided and they were ready to conquer this combative species. After a while, their patience paid off: the striped bass showed up! A little gourmet stop is then necessary before leaving the Gaspé Peninsula, which is why the team stops at the Ketch restaurant and the Mitis distillery. A good way to end a trip on the Gaspé Peninsula!

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