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Kansas GIANT 226" Whitetail! My First Buck On My First Farm!

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Living in the state of Kansas, Trent has had some tremendous success over the years. One of which has a very huge part of Trent's heart being it is his biggest buck to date! Mufasa was a 226" buck that was on his In-laws farm. That hunt and property obviously became very special to him. From that moment Trent dreamed of owning a property just like it to try and grow even more deer of this caliber on his own. After starting his career with Midwest Land group Trent was able to create enough income to purchase his first ever farm, which happened to be the exact farm he killed his biggest buck "Mufasa" on. Trent made the farm his own and was very excited to hunt it for the very first time as the land owner. In the very same stand he released his arrow in for Mufasa he kills on his first hunt of the year and connects with his top target buck! An insane full circle of events makes this story one that Trent will never forget.

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