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The Farm Buck

Top Ten Percent

Carbon Score: 8.1

Jeremy sets out to harvest a quality buck off his family farm. With all his work and preparation he makes it happen.

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Top Ten Percent

Season 1, Episode 14

Kyle in Indy "EHD Survivor"


Behind The Draw

Season 9, Episode 8

Finally! First Buck on New Farm! - Classic Rut Hunt

Behind The Draw

Season 10, Episode 5

Kansas GIANT 226" Whitetail! My First Buck On My First Farm!

Chasing November

Season 7, Episode 5

Permission Farm Surprise Buck, Late October Cold Front Action

Midwest Whitetail

Season 17, Episode 7

Mike Sold His Farm, Maximizing Hunting Acres For A Giant Buck With Zach Rozmus

Within Range Outdoors

Season 3, Episode 5

Henry Harvests His First Buck Ever!

Reaper Archery's: the Harvest

Season 1, Episode 11

"The Honey Bear Buck" Episode 11: The Harvest

Top Ten Percent

Season 1, Episode 9

This Buck's for You

Midwest Whitetail

Season 16, Episode 13

New Farm Provides Missing Piece For Target Buck, Tyler's Plan For "Bowser"

The Green Way Outdoors Podcast

Season 3, Clip 4

How do fish farms work?

Branded K

Season 5, Episode 2

Lindsay's Buck

Midwest Whitetail

Season 16, Episode 4

Finding Giant Bucks On Small Farms, Owen & Kaleb's Approach To A New Property

The Bucket List

Season 6, Episode 3

The Minter Buck

Best of Crush Cam

Episode 48

Rain Makes Big Bucks

Kapper Outdoors

Season 2, Episode 42

First ever silf filmed archery buck kill by Justin 'Wags' on our So. Illinois farm

Midwest Whitetail

Season 16, Episode 33

Zach's Iowa Brute, Hunting A New Farm Leads To A Giant Missouri Buck On The Ground

Within Range Outdoors

Season 4, Episode 4

Alabama Target Buck


Season 5, Episode 2

First Buck

Whitetail Frenzy

Season 8, Episode 6

Tucker's first buck

A Sportsman's Life

Season 3, Episode 1

Two Bucks

Southern Dirt

Season 1, Episode 6

The Crazy Buck

Red Hand Outdoor Co.

Season 2, Episode 1

Earn A Buck

Best of Crush Cam

Episode 42

Bucks Are Back

Kirby Brothers Outdoors

Season 3, Episode 10

Working Man's Buck

Canadian Whitetail

Season 12, Episode 9

Flyer Buck