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Three Legged Deer

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Carbon Score: 8.5

This buck is missing something! That explains the funky rack.

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Best of Crush Cam

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Best of Crush Cam

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Bowhunting Deer (BIG BUCK 20 yards)

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Mexico MONSTER Mule Deer Trophy Bucks

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Unusual Rack

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The Story of Tripod - The 3 Legged Michigan Warrior Buck

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Hunting Queensland, Australia for Hog Deer and Black Buck

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A Miss On a Mature Buck Does Not Mean It Is Over

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Three Beards and a Buck

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Team Radical

Season 3, Episode 14

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Deer Hunting Texas | Hunting Bucks and Killing Does

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Bowhunting Deer - Early Season Bucks in Kentucky and Missouri

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Big Illinois buck QDM DEER VLOG

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Bowhunting Deer: Knee High - Buck of a Lifetime 2016

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Hunting A Giant 195" Buck Early In Missouri, A New Deer Season Begins

Chasing November

Season 8, Episode 6

Hunting Giant Bucks In The City, Female Bow Hunter Tags Velvet Buck For First Deer Ever

Just Hunt Club

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Opening Day Bow Buck | South Dakota Deer Hunt

The Fair Chase Podcast

Episode 79

Hunting Insights with Buck Bourbon: Improving Deer Health and Hunter Success