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Where To Put A Deer Feeder

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Deer hunting pre-season is in full swing and we are doing our best to prepare for harvesting deer. In this special episode, Doug DeHarpart, is moving his deer feeder to a better position so he can funnel deer into the perfect spot. Doug spends some time discussing where to put your deer feeder for best results, what makes a perfect placement for a deer feeder, and also how to make a post for mounting your deer feeder without buying any materials. Hint, you don't have to buy a post to mount your deer feeder! Check out today's video and get prepared for this coming deer season. Stay tuned for more episodes on deer hunting, prepping for deer season, harvesting massive bucks, and more! If you're new to Created Outdoors, our goal is to bring people back to the true outdoor experience. God and his magnificent Creation! Whether it’s hearing those Spring gobblers waking up on the roost or the sound of a whitetail walking through the woods on a crisp morning, every moment in the woods with friends and family is a true gift from God. Join us as we fellowship, hunt, and share life’s experiences together through all the seasons God gives us.

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