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Fowled Reality S4 | E1
Carbon Score: 7.2

The 2014/2015 Waterfowl Hunting Season

The 2014/2015 waterfowl hunting season was one filled with challenges. The weather and the migration were unlike years past. Hunters all across the country faced many of same challenges, but in the end the characterization of a season shouldn't be determined by the number of birds harvested. It should be determined by the time spent afield and those beautiful sunrises and sunsets that every waterfowl hunter loves.

Our season was filled with many miles spent traveling all across the country. New friends were made and experiences were shared with old friends. We started our season with some awesome early goose hunting in New York that was followed by an incredible week of duck hunting in the barley and pea fields of Alberta. We also had the privilege of working with Peterson Outdoor Ministry to help with a Wounded Warrior hunt in southeast Kansas.

This season, we wanted to pursue a "bucket list" hunt and were able to do so when we traveled to Long Island New York in pursuit of Brant. The short trip was an experience of a lifetime that will never be forgotten. As always, to end our season, we set out after snow geese on their spring migration back to the north. After battling uncooperative weather for weeks, the stars finally aligned and we had an incredible trip to Arkansas chasing the "white devil". When all was said and done, it might not have been the year we had all hoped for in terms of the migration, but the success was unlike any other year we've ever experienced!
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