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Fowled Reality S4 | E2
Carbon Score: 7.2

Early Season Goose Hunting in New York

In New York, the early season Canada Goose hunting offers liberal limits and the ability to hunt without a plug in your shotgun. The combination of a large resident population and early migrating geese can make for some incredible hunting to start the season.

We setup in a ditch between a cut silage field and a green hay field. Not knowing which field the geese would prefer, we set decoys on both sides of and gave them options. It quickly became apparent the hay field was the spot the geese wanted that day as flock after flock of would work that side. The wind was nearly calm and birds would slide into the spread from just about any direction and it made it a challenge to center them up and get good video, but at the end of the day, after a handful of moves by the cameras, the result was an incredible first hunt for Fowled Reality season 4!
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