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Fowled Reality S4 | E10
Carbon Score: 7.2

Full Circle

The 2015 waterfowl hunting season was a challenging year for many. For the most part, the weather was uncooperative. When the weather doesn't cooperate, ducks and geese are usually the same way.

The measure of a success of a season shouldn't be put on the number of birds harvested. In this day and age, too much importance is put on "how many". True success comes from the moments spent afield hunting with your friends and family. Those moments and the memories made determine the success of a hunting season. 

However, waterfowl hunting would not be the addictive sport it is, without the moments of ducks with locked wings falling into the spread or thousands of snow geese tornadoing down. So we wanted to take the final 3 and half minutes in this video and show some of the best kill shots from the past two seasons!
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