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Fowled Reality S4 | E6
Carbon Score: 7.2

Bucket List

Brant geese are only hunted in a few select areas in North America. Long Island, New York is home to a large wintering population of them. Hunting methods are similar in a few ways to typical goose hunting, but for the most part, Brant are far different than other geese. We traveled to Long Island to hunt with Knock Em Down Guide Service to in early January and get our first taste of a hunt we’ve wanted to film for a number of years.

The most important factor for success in Brant hunting is being where the birds wants to be. As the tide falls, mud flats become exposed and food becomes readily available. Birds are active and looking to feed. Decoys spreads are similar to Canada Goose hunting and flagging can be effective, but calling isn’t used.

We had an awesome 2 day hunt filled with an abundance of Brant and even a few ducks. The guys were even lucky enough to take a double banded and a single banded bird during the hunt!
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