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Machinery Show

Carbon Score: 7.4

Robots on the farm, used Case IH 385 tractors, rolling truck platform for welder/generator, restored Plymouth R-38.

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Machinery Show

Season 8, Episode 5

Dairy Shop Office


Machinery Show

Season 9, Episode 14

Robot Invasion on the Farm

Machinery Show

Season 8, Clip 3

Autonomous Micro-Planting Robots

Kapper Outdoors

Season 2, Episode 4

Removing Trespassers car from pond dam with Farm tractor

Farm Traveler

Episode 46

Robot Milkers and Old Bay Ice Cream

Machinery Show

Season 6, Episode 10

Dismounting Tractor Tires


Season 2, Episode 3

Two Tractors

Machinery Show

Season 7, Episode 4

Nebraska Tractor Test Lab

Growing Season

Season 1, Clip 14

Fixing the Tractor

Machinery Show

Season 7, Episode 10

Smart Farm

The Moron Brothers

Episode 58

The Hillbilly Tractor Beam

Machinery Show

Season 6, Episode 11

How to Mount Tractor Tires

Outdoor Weekly

Season 2020, Episode 10

Melting Glacier Surprises, Climate Change Robotic Probes, and The Oldest Lake On The Planet

Corn Warriors

Season 2, Episode 9

Get Your Tractor On

Women Who...

Clip 5

The Love of The Farm

American Harvest

Season 1, Clip 14

Case IH Celebrates 100 Years of Excellence

Full Strut

Season 6, Episode 7


Outdoor Weekly

Season 2020, Episode 3

Robots Hunting Lionfish, Bird Cops, and The Oldest Plant on Earth Ever Brought Back To Life

Full Strut

Season 4, Episode 6

The Farm

Kapper Outdoors

Season 1, Episode 20

Kioti Awesome Tractor Montage Part 2

Farm Traveler

Episode 49

Our Latest Farm Tour - The Lazy Acres Family Farm

Machinery Show

Season 7, Episode 8

Successful Farming Ultimate UTV Test

ConQuest 200

Season 2, Episode 1

Farming for Whitetails

Victory Outdoors

Season 6, Episode 12

New Farm New Luck

Top Ten Percent

Season 1, Episode 13

The Farm Buck