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Stage Fright

Mounted: Chuck Testa and Friends

Carbon Score: 8.4

Chuck Testa tries his hand at stand-up comedy. Rob, his His WW2 reenactment buddy, pays a visit. Then Jeremiah, a wild game chef, stops by the shop. #GetMounted

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Mounted: Chuck Testa and Friends

Season 1, Episode 5

Lake No Fish


American Elements

Episode 1

Chuck Testa

American Elements

Clip 5

Chuck Testa - Professional Results

American Elements

Clip 1

American Elements - Chuck Testa Trailer

American Elements

Clip 4

Chuck Testa - Bonus Footage Part 2

American Elements

Clip 2

Chuck Testa - Teaser

American Elements

Clip 7

Chuck Testa - The Dark Side of Fame

American Elements

Clip 3

Chuck Testa - Bonus Footage Part 1

American Elements

Clip 6

Chuck Testa - Blowing Up Over Night

Mounted: Chuck Testa and Friends

Season 1, Episode 3

Chucking It Up

The Story

Season 1, Episode 3


Real Air Gun Hunting

Season 1, Episode 3

Rock Chuck in Wyoming


Season 1, Clip 20

Mount My Legs

Machinery Show

Season 6, Episode 11

How to Mount Tractor Tires

Trigger Time TV

Season 2, Episode 7

Bounding Buddies

Trigger Time TV

Season 3, Clip 11

Weapon Mounted Lights

Best of Crush Cam

Episode 136

Hi, Chuck!

Blood Origins

Episode 18

Blood Origins Episode #18 - Jeremiah Doughty “Faith, Family, Food”

A Sportsman's Life

Season 2, Episode 9

DIY Euro Mount

Michigan Whitetail Pursuit

Season 12, Episode 2

Buddies Double - MTP S8.E1

On The Road

Season 1, Clip 4

Aaron Lewis Teaching Chuck Wicks How To Fish

Get A Limit Outdoors

Season 6, Episode 7

A Quick Tip On Mounting Your Scope

The Breaking Point

Season 1, Clip 6

Old College Buddy

Loose Cannons

Season 1, Episode 9

Chum Bucket Buddies

The Hunting Stories Podcast

Episode 16

Ep 016 The Hunting Stories Podcast: Jeremiah Doughty