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OHUB Labs: E3
Carbon Score: 6.0
Dragunov Sniper Rifle Firing in Slow Motion! Plus AKS-74 Clone and Krebs Custom Vepr
The OHUB Labs team took a trio of awesome combloc guns to the range to film them firing in super slow motion using the edgertronic high speed camera. Watch a Chinese-made version of the Dragunov sniper rifle known as the NDM-86, an SLR-104, and a Krebs Custom Vepr burn through mags in ultra slow motion.

Special thanks to RS Regulate (http://www.rsregulate.com) for providing the NDM-86 and the excellent AK and SVD scope mounts featured in this video. The NDM-86 is sporting a prototype version of the new SVD-305 side rail.

Learn more about the edgertronic high speed camera here: http://edgertronic.com/