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Original CarbonTV Show
Outdoor Weekly S2019 | E9
Carbon Score: 8.8

Appalachian Trail Murder, Arrested for Morel Picking, Research on Deer Age, and More

An embarrassed hiker changes her clothes and joins a search party in Iceland to find....... herself. White tail deer teeth are researched in Vermont to determine their age, and it turns out they can live into their 20’s...if they can elude hunters and cars! Turkey harvesting in Missouri hit huge numbers this season, but there’s no need to worry, their population is flourishing due to conservation efforts. Have you been foraging lately without knowing the state regulations? A man collecting morel mushrooms in Missouri didn’t and was caught by the park ranger. The Appalachian Trail attracts hikers from across the world, unfortunately it also brings trouble makers too. One hiker was killed and another injured by a man who has now been caught by authorities thanks to a GPS tracker. Click to watch all these stories on this week’s episode of Outdoor Weekly with host Jules McQueen brought to you by Shell Rotella.
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