SilencerCo: S1 | E3
Harvested: Reboot
Jake Worthington grew up in quintessential Texas fashion – fishing, four-wheeling, mudding, and playing sports. It wasn’t until a football accident left him in the hospital with a broken back that Jake discovered his true calling: country music.Overcoming a seemingly insurmountable injury, Jake set his sights on the stars and decided to audition for The Voice®. After being turned down in 2013, he returned again for season six in 2014 to show everyone what he was made of . . . and that’s exactly what he did. Jake made it all the way to runner up and has since launched a successful career as a country music artist.Even with a jam packed touring and recording schedule, Jake still makes time for one of his lifelong passions: hunting. SilencerCo was able to team up with Worthington on an epic Northern Whitetail hunt to do what we love, get back to nature, and reboot from the stresses of day-to-day life.