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The crew hunts Kansas hard throughout the year. Gavin has an unfortunate accident on the football field, making for an interesting season behind the bow!

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Season 7, Episode 10

NY Turkey Hunting


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Kansas Rios With Bows

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The Annual Kansas Hunt

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160" Kansas whitetail Bow Kill

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Rick White Kansas Bow Turkey

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Kansas turkey hunting


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Grinding Hard in Kansas

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Emotional Kansas Deer Hunt

Outdoors Traditions TV

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Kansas Rios and Montana Deer Hunting

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Corey's Stories

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First Time deer hunting in Kansas

Turkey Call

Season 19, Episode 6

Kansas Turkey Hunt with Billy Yargus


Season 5, Episode 2

Hunting BIG Bobcats in Kansas

Chasing Red

Season 2, Episode 7

She Did What In Her THIRD TRIMESTER?! SELF FILMED Turkey Bow Hunt In Kansas! | Chasing Red

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Timing Is Everything - Missouri & Kansas Archery Whitetail Hunt

Full Strut

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Turkey Hunting in a Kansas Wind Storm! Archery Success!

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Kansas Killers

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Kansas Turkey Hunt- The Roost ep1

Turkey Call

Season 20, Episode 2

Sky High Turkey Hunt in Kansas

The Virtue

Season 4, Episode 25

Redemption in Kansas

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Season 1, Episode 8

"Kansas Rutcation"

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Kansas Encounters

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