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Carbon Score: 8.1

IO AK-47 Test

In this video we run an IO AK-47 HARD, and show, close up, before and after shots of the rifle. Just to address a couple things that happened in the video that I got clarification on from I.O. afterwards: The mags just had the spring in backwards, flipping the spring around will allow them to hold 30 rounds. What keeps tension on the front sight stud is the split on the bottom, opening up the split with a screwdriver made the front sight stud tight. I'll have to shoot it again to verify it doesn't move. If there is enough interest I can do a follow-up video with the mag springs flipped, front sight tight, and get some accuracy testing done. Just let me know if you would like to see that, or any other specific tests.You can check out IO here: http://www.ioinc.us/
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