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Kansas Redemption

Whitetail Edge

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After missing that deer on the first day I was a little deflated. How could you not be? It was the first morning and we put ourselves right in the game on a giant Kansas buck. Javin and I were 10+ feet apart from each other in 2 different trees making it tough to communicate in a situation like that. But, it is what it is. It is the end of October, the rut is just heating up so you have to have a short term memory when stuff like that happens. I felt like with as many deer as we saw the morning before and the number of bucks we were seeing cruising that we could go back to that same spot and observe and see what happens. Part of me was hoping maybe we would see that buck again from the first morning and another pert of me knew there was some old bully bucks in the area that needed to be taken out. It wasn’t long before we started seeing bucks chasing. I spotted a big bodied mature deer way off about 400-500 yards. I pulled out the Black Rack and started slamming them together. Instantly I got his attention and the rest you will have to see for yourself!

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