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Shell Rotella presents “SuperRigs” - a celebration of truckers and their efforts to keep American running! The twins spend some of their off time learning what it takes to be successful from Tractor Pull Champ, Larry Koester, and learn what BBQ is all about!

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American Harvest

Season 1, Episode 8




Season 1, Clip 16

Military at Shell Rotella's SuperRigs Event

American Harvest

Season 1, Clip 11

Shell Rotella Super Rigs Event

American Harvest

Season 1, Clip 12

Life Advice From Larry Koester


Season 1, Episode 10

Shell Rotella SuperRigs Awards


Season 2, Clip 7

Rotella Trucker Profile - Bill Rethwisch


Season 2, Clip 6

Rotella Trucker Profile - Robbie Basse


Season 2, Clip 8

Rotella Trucker Profile - Glenn Lynn Ragels

Outdoor Weekly

Season 2019, Clip 69

Super Rigs Competition


Season 1, Episode 1

Meet The Truckers


Season 2, Episode 10



Season 1, Episode 5

The SuperRigs Effect


Season 1, Clip 17

The Tough Job of Judging SuperRigs Contestants

Outdoor Weekly

Season 2019, Clip 80

Big Rig Engine Oil Change

A Sportsman's Life

Season 2, Episode 19

Larry's Pronghorn

The Moron Brothers

Episode 51

Rigging an Election

Get A Limit Outdoors

Season 5, Episode 9

Carolina - Rig

The Moron Brothers

Episode 58

The Hillbilly Tractor Beam


Season 3, Episode 3

Truckers Final Mile

Nuts & Bolts of Fishing

Season 5, Clip 6

The X-Rig

DSC's Campfires with Larry Weishuhn Podcast

Episode 10

Larry talks hunting and The Story of the Jack O'Conner Hunting Heritage and Learning Center


Season 1, Episode 22

Food Plot Rig

A Sportsman's Life

Season 3, Episode 16

Larry talks deer management


Season 2, Episode 8

Another Stranded Big Rig

Trigger Time TV

Season 4, Clip 6

Modular Chest Rig